In Existing Apps


The Supercharge app allows you to modify other apps by injecting ObjectiveScript code into them. You can get it from

In Your Own App


ObjectiveScript has two main components: the transpiler and the runtime. The transpiler allows the user to benefit from ObjectiveScript's syntactic sugar, converting their code into pure JavaScript which is compatible with the runtime.

The transpiler and runtime are provided as separate components. This is because baking the transpiler into the runtime would entail re-transpilation every time the code is executed. It is often beneficial to process the code with the transpiler once, and then execute the transpiled code whenever necessary.


Transpilation is done using objs-transpiler. See the README for details.


The ObjectiveScript runtime can be found in the ObjectiveScript repository. See the README for details.

Syntax Highlighting

In addition, ObjectiveScript offers basic support for highlight.js. See objs-highlight for details.

Alternatively, you can use OBJSTranspiler.tokenize to produce tokens from the passed in source code. See objs-transpiler for more info.